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ELOC courses are designed for the modern learner. Recognizing that leaders have limited time for formal learning, Northwestern ELOC is dedicated to helping executives and senior managers learn in flexible and efficient ways.

Northwestern ELOC faculty and administrators are experts in the interdisciplinary fields of organizational change, talent management, human capital strategy, leadership development, learning, organizational design, executive and leadership coaching, and strategic planning. ELOC faculty and coaches share a wide range of experience s within organizations and academic disciplines.

The ELOC curriculum meets the demand from experienced executives and coaches to stay ahead of the field in methods of coaching and designing for continuous learning & change.

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The ELOC coaching courses at Northwestern University are designed to meet the development needs of senior professionals and executives whose objectives are to be agents for positive change via coaching. Our courses aim to build coaching skills through a variety of transformative learning experiences. These exercises focus on developing coaching strategies founded on evidence-based research and frameworks and on faciliting the self-awareness required to be a reflective coach practitioner.

We apply the School of Education and Social Policy's (SESP) deep expertise in learning and organizational change to offer an approach to coach education that is unique in the field. Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and have at least 15 years of post-BA work experience are eligible to take our ELOC courses. You will join a community of like-minded learners who are passionate about lifelong education skills with a fusion of design methods with the fundamentals of learning and change.

ELOC Coaching Certificate Pathway

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Becoming a
Reflective Coach

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Take the Coaching Lab Level I after the completion of all three other coaching courses.

Coaching Lab
Level 1

Completing all four ELOC Coaching courses will earn participants a level I certificate and over 80 hours of coach training, enough training hours to submit an application to a variety of coaching credentials.

ELOC Level 1
Coaching Certificate

  • LOC Coaching Model

    Whether you are an experienced talent management professional or you have deep understanding of organizational operations, developing your ability to coach provides new opportunities for you to make a difference. The LOC coaching philosophy holds that powerful questions, empathy, and deep listening maximize the potential of professionals in organizations.

    ELOC prepares you to provide one-on-one professional coaching by building your skills and your knowledge of theory and practices necessary to implement coaching as part of an organizational talent development strategy. Many senior leaders already exhibit signs of excellent coaches. The ELOC Coaching model pushes those skills to the next level, deepening passion for and knowledge of how to grow people.

    MSLOC Coaching Model, Communication Collaboration Support Cognition Accountability

    Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each coaching course. Completing all four ELOC Coaching courses will earn participants an additional certificate and over 80 hours of coach training, enough training hours to submit a portfolio application for an ACC coaching credential from ICF.

Jeff Merrell ELOC instructor

Design for Learning & Change

Applying "design thinking" to solve talent management and human capital problems has recently become a topic of interest for many design practitioners and educators, but this is nothing new to ELOC faculty who have over a decade of experience in this area. ELOC courses have been created to distill our depth of expertise in teaching professionals how to use design methods to improve the "people side of business," so that leaders can learn how to apply these techniques to transform their organizations.

It's often not the tools or frameworks for design that hold the key to success, but understanding how people think, interact, collaborate, learn, perform and thrive in complex, constantly changing environments--and how design methods properly applied with this understanding can transform individuals, teams, organizations, and the systems in which they are embedded. Our classes are designed specifically for individuals who have prior change experience and are looking to elevate their leadership skills by fusing design methodologies with the fundamentals of learning and change.

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Becoming a Reflective Coach Practitioner

January 21 - February 25 | 2020

[Application Deadline: January 7, 2020]

June 23 - July 28 | 2020

[Application Deadline: May 5, 2020]

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Coaching Tools for Transformation

March 31 - April 2 | 2020

[Application Deadline: March 17, 2020]

August 4 - 6 | 2020

[Application Deadline: July 21, 2020]

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Coaching Relationship Essentials

May 5 - 6 | 2020

[Application Deadline: April 29, 2020]

September 2 -3 | 2020

[Application Deadline: August 26, 2020]

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Co-Creating Change

Summer 2020

[Application Deadline: TBD]

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